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If you enjoy helping others to achieve their dreams, than you might be invaluable as a cosmetology school instructor.

“With confidence you have won before you have started.” –Marcus Garvey

Become a teacher in the hair and beauty industry you love

You will be required to complete 750 hours to graduate as a cosmetologist instructor.

Instructor Course (750 hours)

  • Orientation and State Rules and Regulations 0-50 hours
  • Instruction and Theory and Lab/Clinic Operations 50-400 hours
  • Teaching and Lab/Clinic Management 400-750 hours

Course objectives to become a student instructor

  1. Upon completion of the Instructor Course, you will be prepared to take an exam given by the state licensing commission over all the skills of teaching cosmetology and related theory with at least a 70% accuracy.
  2. Upon completion of the Instructor Course, you will have completed a notebook containing a teaching lesson plan for each subject of the Cosmetology Curriculum.
  3. At the end of the Instructor Course, you will be able to understand the processes of enrolling students, keeping student records, and state board exam requirements for students.
  4. At the completion of the Instructor Course, successful performance on the state exam, and receipt of an instructor license, you will be qualified to secure a position as an instructor of cosmetology in any cosmetology program.

The Instructor Course teaches classroom and clinic procedures. The course covers all phases of Cosmetology. An applicant for the Instructor’s Course must be at least 18 years of age, have completed the 12th grade or its equivalent, and have a valid operator’s license. Everything for this course is furnished in the fee except uniform, notebook, and paper.

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